Here’s an easy and elegant way to add a little sparkle to your party cups – monograms made from pipe cleaners!

Sparkly monogramed party cups

You could monogram each cup with a birthday child’s initial or age, or you could provide each guest with their own specially personalized cup. Simple shapes are also lovely (think hearts for Valentine’s Day, stars for the 4th of July). For a baby shower, the first letter of the family’s last name would be sweet. Really, this would work for every occasion!

You’ll need:
– Pipe cleaners
– Blank paper cups
– Hot glue gun
– Pencil

Step 1.
Bend the pipe cleaners into the shapes/letters you’d like. Cut off any extra bits you don’t need.

Step 2.
Hold your shape/letter against one of the cups and use the pencil to lightly mark on the cup where you’d like to glue. I only used one or two dots of glue on each of the cups above, and found it best to glue at joins in the pipe cleaners.

Sparkly monogramed party cups

Step 3.
Working quickly, dab a spot of hot glue on the marked spots on your cup, and stick the pipe cleaner letter/shape down. If it’s not too hot, press where you glued with your thumb on the outside, and finger on the inside of the cup to really make sure it’s stuck. Wait for it to cool before using it!

And you’re done! Time to party!

Reposted with permission from Claire at Fellow Fellow. Thank you Claire!