Dear Santa

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I’m feeling extra holly jolly this year, and I know why – because I’ve been thinking about all the children who have filled out their Letters to Santa that I designed! It makes me so, so happy to think that I might have had a tiny bit to do with a happy Christmas memory for little ones all over the country. So, of course you can imagine how big my smile was (and still is!) when I got these photos from my friend Sara.

Here are Sara’s cuties, carefully checking all the right boxes…

…stuffing the envelopes and putting on the special label…

…and delivering the letters to the special mailbox at Macy’s, where $1 is donated to Make-A-Wish for each letter that’s mailed to Santa.

Those happy faces are so adorable – and 100% the reason why I’m feeling the Christmas spirit this year! Thank you SO much for sharing these photos, Sara! : )


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