Cute and easy Halloween pretzel rod recipes

Amazing what you can do with a simple ol’ pretzel rod, isn’t it? You can make some really fun Halloween theme party food with them! And of course, all of these recipes are irresistibly salty-sweet, even the creepy witches’ fingers. Eat them… if you dare! : )

1. Ghost pretzel sticks – so simple and so cute!

2. Pretzel stick bones – you can make small bones using regular pretzel rods and mini marshmallows, or you can make large bones using pretzel rods and full-size marshmallows

3. Witches fingers’ pretzel rods – pretzels are dipped in white chocolate that’s been dyed green. The knuckle details and sliced almond “fingernails” are so wonderfully creepy!

4. Candy corn pretzel rods – two colors of chocolate (white chocolate + white chocolate dyed with orange food coloring), plus yellow nonpareils

5. Mummy pretzel sticks – those little eyes, LOL!

6. Witches’ broomstick cookies – peanut butter cookies baked with pretzel sticks and decorated with chocolate)


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