Today’s party feature is a Cookie Monster party that is totally, 100% homemade. Crafty mama Kelcie created this charming party for her son, Troy, and has some really inventive DIY ideas to share!

Cookie Monster’s footprints show the way to the party. (And who wouldn’t follow a sign that means “cookies this way”?) ; ) Kelcie says, “I made most of the paper projects with my Silhouette Cameo, such as the take a cake labels, clock pieces, foot prints, etc.”

The cake stand was made from an old chandelier – so clever! Kelcie took the wires out and spray painted it aqua, then glued serving plates on with 9001 glue.

The Cookie Monster of top of the cake was made from Rice Krispy Treats. Toothpicks were used to hold the eyes, head, and arms in place. Once the basic shape came together, Kelcie covered it with frosting and added a Cookie Crisp cookie as the final touch.

Samoa cakes in a jar – yum! Each jar lid was personalized with Troy’s initial and decorated with ribbon (glued on using Mod Podge), and the Samoa cake recipe was Kelcie’s own invention. She says, “I used butter chocolate fudge cake mix and baked it in a pan. After the cake cooled, I used a 6 ounce baby food jar to cut circles out of the cake. Inside of each jar, I placed one layer of cake, Smuckers caramel ice cream topping, a layer of toasted coconut, then another layer of the cake, buttercream icing, and another drizzle of caramel topping. Then I topped it all off with a half of a Samoa cookie.”

Kelcie made gift bags in blue, with Cookie Monster faces, and brown, with “chocolate chip” polka dots. The tag inscription is the sweetest thing: Cookie Monster once said, “Sometimes me think what is love, and then me think love is what last chocolate cookie is for. Me give up the last chocolate cookie for you.”

Thank you so much for sharing, Kelcie! Happy birthday to Troy!