Popcorn lovers, hold on to your hats – this is a cake made out of popcorn, chocolate, and pretzels! And oh yeah… it’s held together with melted marshmallows. Mmmmm. Buttery, salty, chocolatey, marshmallow-licious heaven!

This stroke of genius is the work of Shelly from Cookies and Cups. She’s clearly a gal after my own salty-sweet lovin’ heart to come up with this one! She took some of all-time favorite snack foods (M&M’s, pretzel rods, and buttered popcorn)…

…and then she went all Rice Krispy Treat on them with melted marshmallows, to turn them into a CAKE! (The nifty shape comes from a Bundt pan!)

When it comes to sheer snacky goodness it would be hard to top this one! And needless to say this would be a yummy treat for kids… IF there’s any left to share with them. ; )

Check out Cookies and Cups for the full recipe and tutorial, plus more yummy photos, too!

Re-posted with permission from Shelly of Cookies and Cups. Thanks Shelly!