Lots of eagle-eyed party planners caught a special detail in a party I featured recently and have been asking me for the full scoop. I’m happy to let you in on all the details, because it’s one of my favorite first birthday party ideas yet!

At Jameson’s sock monkey first birthday party, mom Jennifer set up a display of photos commemorating all of Jameson’s “firsts” throughout the year. It was such a sweet way to reflect on how far her baby had come in his first year of life – no wonder everyone loves this idea so much!

At Jameson’s party, his “firsts” took up an entire hutch:

…but, as you can see, most of the “firsts” ideas were cut off in this picture. And I’ve been getting your emails – you guys want to know what the rest of them were, so you can plan your own display of firsts! Here’s the full list from Jameson’s party, plus some more ideas to get you started:

First Time Meeting Mom & Dad
First Family Photo
First Bath
First Smile
First Car Ride
First Day at Home
First Nap with Dad
First St. Patrick’s Day
First Easter
First Fourth of July
First Mother’s Day
First Father’s Day
First Valentine’s Day
First Halloween
First Thanksgiving
First Christmas
First New Years

First Time Holding a Bottle
First Cereal
First [Sports Team] Game
First Vacation
First Onesie
First Dress
First Sunglasses
First Hat
First Time on a Slide
First Time Unwrapping Presents
First Time at a Restaurant
First Hug
First Kiss
First Tooth
First Swing at the Playground
First Haircut
First Time to Crawl
First Time to Sit Up
First Time to Stand Up
First Steps