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Baby rattle Oreo pops

Baby rattle Oreo pops

For a baby shower, these baby rattle Oreo pops are just the cutest thing! Absolutely perfect party food, and so sweet for party favors, too. And for as adorable as …

Party Palette: Color inspiration in aqua, pink, yellow and spring green #colorpalette

Party Palette: Springtime Cake

I love the colors in this cake! Sky blue, pink, yellow, and spring green are a fresh and pretty combination, and of course the cake itself is stunning, too. You …

Pretty pink and white party table

{one pretty pin} Simple sweets table

I love the simplicity of this party table, with its all-white candy, clear and pink glass serving dishes, and the huge pink balloons. More isn’t always more, is it? Not …

Party Palette: Party inspiration in blues and yellow #colorpalette

Party Palette: Up up and away

This soft and sweet party table was for an “up up and away” themed baby shower. The color palette of blues, yellow, and just a hint of green is a …

Party Palette: Pastel pop baby shower in vibrant pastels #colorpalette

Party Palette: Pastel pop baby shower

I love how this pastel baby shower table is bold and soft all at once. It’s a just-plain-happy color palette – one that’s fresh not just for a baby shower, …

Party palette: Color inspiration in purple, pink, aqua, gray, and sea green #colorpalette

Party Palette: Candy colored party table

This color palette has to be one of my favorites to date! I adore how the candy-colored hues of purple, pink, blue, and sea green are tempered by the oh-so-chic …

Party Palette: Pastel eyelet cookies in soft springtime tones #colorpalette

Party Palette: Pastel eyelet cookies

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve seen about 90,000 photos of cookies (just in the past week, I bet!) and I think these are just the most feminine and sweet cookies I’ve …

Party Palette: Fresh green and cream party table #colorpalette

Party Palette: Fresh green dessert table

Don’t think I’m crazy, but – this dessert table is from a Christmas party. (I swear I really do know what month it is right now.) You see, aside from …

Party Palette: Peach brunch dessert table #colorpalette

Party Palette: Peach brunch

The sherbet tones of this gorgeous peach-and-blush party table make me think of an orange creamsicle! (Mmm, orange creamsicle.) The fresh little pop of mint green is the perfect accent. …

Party Palette: Color inspiration in pastel mauve, sea green, and peach tones #colorpalette

Party Palette: Sea green cake

I think this party palette is a little unusual and really beautiful! Inspired by a pastel 50’s wedding photo shoot on Polka Dot Bride, the color palette includes pastel mauve, …