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New in the shop: Trucks theme birthday party!

Today I’m super excited to share my latest new birthday party theme with you! It’s a cute, colorful trucks theme birthday party, featuring a tow truck, a cement truck, a dump truck, and red and white stripes: The trucks in the set almost look like toys, …

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Construction party: Grey is 2!

This construction theme birthday party for 2-year-old Grey is just absolutely precious! Grey’s mom Amy used a yellow dump truck as inspiration for the theme, then added lots of adorable truck- and traffic-based details to make the party special. Grey’s yellow dump truck “delivered” Reese’s peanut …

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Trucks party: Andrew is 3!

Check out these photos of a truck theme birthday party that were sent to me by a very sweet customer, Amanda! I love seeing the DIY banner all cut out and prettied up (yay!) but look closely and you’ll also see the cupcake wrappers, cupcake …

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