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14 Fin-tastic Shark Party Ideas! #sharkparty #sharkweek

14 Fin-tastic Shark Party Ideas!

A shark theme party is a classic summer party theme that’s fun and easy to pull off. Here are 14 shark party ideas that are great for a shark theme …

Top 10 Summer Birthday Party Themes. The inspiration you need this summer!!

Top 10 Summer Party Themes

Summer is finally here and today I’m sharing our Top Ten summer birthday party themes that are the inspiration you need! Summers are full of birthday parties and it’s so …

Shark theme party! Invitations, water labels, stickers, DIY party printables and lots more from

New in the Shop: Shark Party!

Duh-dun… duh-dun… duh-dun-duh-dun-duh-dun… That’s the theme from Jaws, ha! That’s what was in my head as I designed my new shark party theme! Although as you can see, this guy …

Shark party water bottle labels from Chickabug

Shark water labels

There’s nothing better than getting photos from customers after a party! Sometimes I get dozens or hundreds from a single party, and sometimes I get one or two. That was …

Shark party ideas for a birthday party or shark week! #sharkparty #sharkweek

Shark party ideas

In honor of Shark Week, here are some great ideas for a shark theme birthday party. These would also be great for a pool party, under the sea party, or …