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Dress-up theme birthday party - SO fun!

Dress-up Party: Abbie is 5!

Today I’m happy to feature a dress-up theme birthday party that my sweet customer Stephanie threw for her 5-year-old daughter, Abbie! Both boys and girls were invited to come eat …

Dress-up theme birthday party

Dress-up party: Kalia is 2!

Today’s featured birthday party is a pink, white and gold glitter dress-up theme party for 2-year-old Kalia. Kalia’s crafty mom, Lauren, came up with some really creative DIY projects to make the …

Princess Putty - a sparkly and fun DIY party favor!

“Princess Putty” – a sparkly and fun DIY party favor

A little glitter makes everything better! Why make plain silly putty when you can make sparkly “princess putty”? It’s just as easy to make and it’s such a cute and …


Dress-up theme birthday party for girls

What girl doesn’t love playing dress-up? This frilly and fashionable birthday party is a little girl’s dream, and it’s so much fun for a mom to plan, too. Take it …


DIY fairy dust necklaces

All children should believe in magic! For a fairy party or princess party, a personal stash of glittery “pixie dust” is such a treat for little fairies. I’ve seen quite …


Fairy princess tea party – Ruby is 4!

What little fairy wouldn’t love a fanciful tea party complete with costumes, pink-hued treats, face painting and a magic wand crafting table! That’s just what 4-year-old Ruby got for her …