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Donut bar with a chalkboard menu

{one pretty pin} Donut bar

This is such a cool idea. First of all: it’s a donut bar. That’s pretty much all it takes to be cool in my book. But secondly, check out the …

Chalkboard rainbow birthday party! Printables from

Chalkboard rainbow party: Stavros is 4!

I’m really excited about today’s featured party – it’s a new and exciting party theme (new to my blog, and new in the shop) – all thanks to my friend …

Life is short, eat dessert first

{one pretty pin} Eat dessert first

Excellent advice, in super charming chalkboard style. : ) I think this style of drawing would be a nice backdrop at an ice cream party! Featured pin • Original source: Inspired by …

How to make a chalkboard canvas - an easy & inexpensive craft project or party favor! #rainbowparty #artparty

How to make a chalkboard artist’s canvas

If you’re looking for an easy, inexpensive, yet impressive party favor for an art or rainbow party – or a DIY project for back-to-school, or a cute gift for any …


Chalkboard decorating ideas for Christmas

If you’ve checked Pinterest lately, you may have noticed that chalkboard is just a wee bit of a trend at the moment. And why not? It’s charming, rustic-chic, and easy. …


DIY chalkboard ideas for parties

Chalkboard paint and chalkboard labels have long been a staple for DIY crafters, and lately they’ve been popping up in birthday parties, too! I’m often seeing them in customers’ invitation orders …


Awesome Etsy find: Personalized poster designs by Moulage Collection

Every now and then I stumble across something on Etsy that’s so precious that it becomes an instant favorite – like these personalized poster designs by Moulage Collection. I just could …