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15 Birthday Traditions to Start on Year One - Though it's never too late to start!

15 birthday traditions you can start on year one

Birthday traditions are so special – they feel so unique to your family, and are what kids remember when they’re all grown up! There are lots of special traditions you …

30 Easy Ways to Make Your Child's Birthday Special

30 Easy Ways to Make Your Child’s Birthday Special

Confetti photo by Rachel McGinn Photography I’ve been working in the birthday business for quite a few years now – it’s been my full-time job to think about, design for, …

First birthday wishes - each guest ties a note to a candle

{one pretty pin} Birthday wishes

This is such a lovely birthday tradition idea! Have each guest write a wish on a small card (these say “I wish, I wish with all my heart…” at the …


{one pretty pin} Confetti

This is how a birthday should feel! This gorgeous photo – by Rachel McGinn Photography – just plain makes me smile. : ) Featured pin • Source: Rachel McGinn Photography • Pinned to: …


Pancake pops (a.k.a. pancakes on a stick!)

Seriously. Is there any food that can’t be made more fun by putting it on a stick?! Melissa of No. 2 Pencil had the brilliant idea to make pancakes on …


{one pretty pin} Birthday train

It’s my birthday today. : ) Maybe it’s because of the business I’m in, but I often think about what birthdays were like for me as a kid. Growing up, …


Birthday cake pancakes

I love birthday traditions! I grew up with quite a few to look forward to – just simple stuff, such as having special plates that were only used for birthday …