Candy cane party decor ideas

Candy canes are perfect for party decor! The classic red-and-white peppermint stripe is just so quintessentially Christmas. Oh, and they’re cheap as heck to buy in bulk, which is a huge plus. ; ) Here are some clever and creative ideas for candy cane decorations:

1. Super-chic candy cane wreath, made with $3 of faux candy canes from Dollar Tree (!), via At The Picket Fence.

2. Peppermint stick platter (yes – these are all fused together!) via Munchkin Munchies.

3. A gorgeous candy cane vase via Ecopolitan Bride.

4. Peppermint cupcake stand – you could use this to display the birthday child’s cupcake at a winter theme birthday party! – via Pizzazzerie.

5. Candy cane candlesticks via The Mother Huddle.

6. A simple and elegant candy cane place card holder, made with mini candy canes, via Southern Living.


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