Camo cupcake sandwiches

Camo cupcakes are surprisingly easy to make considering how cool they look! Debbie from Life Is Sweets has all the details on how to make them, and how to create the perfect camo colors. Debbie is an experienced baker – she knows her stuff when it comes to figuring out the batter colors you need to make camouflage cupcakes!

Camo cupcake sandwiches How to make camo colored cupcakes from a box of French Vanilla cake batter

To make the cupcake sandwiches, start by mixing up a box of French vanilla cake batter, then divide the batter into four equal parts in four separate bowls. Use kelly green, brown, and black Wilton Gel Dyes to tint the batter army green, black, brown, and beige (see handy-dandy chart, above).

Once all the batters are mixed up, spoon the batter bit by bit, color by color, into a whoopie pie pan – or to get the waffle effect shown here, use a Wilton ice cream sandwich pan instead.

Bake the cakes for 8 minutes at 350 degrees. After baking, remove each cake and cool on a wire rack, then sandwich them together with frosting that’s been tinted army green. Be sure to check out Debbie’s blog for her shortening-free whoopie pie frosting recipe!

PINK camo cupcake sandwiches!

…and yes – you can make these in pink, too! (Adorable!)

Thank you so much to Debbie for sharing her recipe and expertise!

Reposted with permission from Debbie at Life Is Sweets.


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