I’m thrilled as can “bee” to feature this fabulous bumblebee theme party! One of my sweetest and DIY-savviest repeat customers, Jenn, recently threw this party for her daughter Lindley. Jenn’s vision for the party – yellow polka dots, black and white houndstooth, and little buzzing bees – actually inspired the entire Bumblebee Theme in my shop! With an eye for detail and a serious talent for mixing patterns, Jenn made every inch of Lindley’s party beautiful, and then very kindly provided a thorough description of how she made it all happen. Take it away Jenn! : )

Jenn says, “For the birthday wreath, I cut ribbons to match the theme of the party and wrapped them around a wooden embroidery hoop. You can find these at Hobby Lobby or Jo-Ann’s. They are the perfect thing to use when making a small wreath! The number 2 came from Hobby Lobby. I spray painted it and added white circle stickers (found in the office supply section – ones that you would use for garage sales and stuff).”

“I made the backdrop just by sewing 12X12 squares together. Then I made a quick ruffle and sewed it all together. It really was easier than it looks.”

“A friend of mine made the cookies, cake pops, and cupcakes. I also served black and yellow candies – M&M’s, Sixlets, Twizzlers, LemonHeads and Bit O Honey. And I made the ribbon topiary! This was such a beating. Basically, I just took a foam ball, ribbon and floral pins. You hoop your ribbon and then use a floral pin to stick the ribbon into the foam ball. This took LOTS of ribbon hoops, My fingers were almost bleeding at the end! Very fun but won’t be making that again… well, I say that now! HA! The black pot and the sequin bee to complete the topiary came from Hobby Lobby.”

“I made the chocolate covered Oreos (in the back) – they really are so easy!  I just melted chocolate drops from Jo-Ann’s and dipped the Oreos in the chocolate. Then I found these ‘monster eyes’ (Target, Jo-Ann’s and Hobby Lobby all have these in the cake sections) and added yellow lines.”

“I tried to make all the food have honey involved. So, we had honey Teddy Grahams, honey graham cracker sticks, Honeycomb cereal, and I found a Chex honey nut mix! Too perfect! For the other food table, which we didn’t get a picture of, there were Smuckers peanut butter and honey sandwiches, chicken strips, dips, and honey fruit salad. So mad we didn’t get a pic of that!”

“The water labels are from Chickabug of course!!”

“For the bee candles, I found polka dot chargers at Hobby Lobby and then I found some cute yellow plates for 50 cents at a yard sale. I  cut out B-E-E from black card stock and used spray glue to sprinkle glitter on the letters! Then I hot glued the letters to the candles. I stacked the charger, yellow plate and candle and used it as a centerpiece on the counter. Then I placed fuzzy little bumblebees all around it!”

“I made the headbands – so easy!  I found plastic headbands at Dollar Tree. They came in packs of 3 for just $1. First, I hot glued a furry pom to each antennae.  I took the pipe cleaners and just wrapped them around the headband and curled them with my finger to make the curly-cue. They will stay on just by firmly pressing the wire inside the pipe cleaner. Then I covered the headband with a little hot glue and ribbon – this makes sure the antennae stay glued down.”

“For craft time, the kids made handprint bees on canvas boards that I found at Michael’s. They had a great sale right before Christmas that was buy one get one for a penny. They came in packs of 4 so I stocked up!  I think they came out to be a dollar a board.  I found this super cute bee handprint on a website and knew it would be perfect for the kids to do. However, my husband insisted that the kids paint in the garage! HA! I just thought this would be a fun favor to take home in addition to having a little bit of fun too!’

“I made Lindley’s shirt! My shop is called Miss LuLu’s. I used a yellow bow that I already had and added a fuzzy bee to it. Easy and cute! Her leggings and tutu came from Gymboree’s after Halloween sale. Too fun! I feel like I am looking for birthday ideas all year with this Christmas baby!”

“For favors, we gave books, candy and honey – that’s why the sign above said ‘bee smart and bee sweet’! The books were actually titled ‘Bee Smart.’ I found them at Target in the dollar section when school started.  They were board books teaching numbers, opposites, colors and shapes!  PERFECT!”

“The melamine plate came from Etsy.  I thought it turned out great and will have to do this every year for Lindley! So cute! She loves to eat on it!”

“The honey bears came from the Dollar Tree.  I could not believe I found them there.  Everywhere else wanted like $3 and $4 a piece. I just peeled off the stickers and added your darling ones. Turned out so precious! This may have been my favorite!”

Absolutely bee-utiful! Thank you so much, Jenn! Happy birthday to Lindley! : )


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