All the BEST Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party food ideas, together in one place! This makes party planning so easy!! #TMNT #TMNTparty

Cowabunga dudes!! I’ve recently added a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party theme to my shop, and everyone here at Chickabug HQ has been obsessing over the Turtles for at least a week. While I’ve been trolling the entire Internet for the best TMNT party ideas, we’ve had very serious discussions about which of the Turtles’ weapons is the coolest, which logo is the best (we like the classic one, but as 80’s kids, we’re biased), and whether or not the Turtles would start a sentence with “dude.” Yes, it’s been an interesting week indeed!

I found so many awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party ideas that I’m going to have to break them up into 2 posts. This one’s all about the food (my fave – I can’t resist a themed cake pop). Here are the 27 best TMNT party food ideas!

1. TMNT cupcakes – Betty Crocker

2. Ninja Turtle pizza – Betty Crocker

3. TMNT cookies – Crazy Little Projects

4. Marshmallow pops – Tablespoon

5. Jello cups – Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

6. TMNT Oreos – Veronica’s Treats

7. TMNT candy apples – source unknown

8. Rice Krispies treats – Blue Hydragea

9. TMNT fruit tray – A Mom’s Impression

10. Oreos as “sewer lids” – A Mom’s Impression

11. Chocolate nunchucks made from cake rolls and licorice Rook No. 17

12. TMNT cake pops – Catch My Party

13. Green Jello “toxic ooze” –  A Mom’s Impression

14. TMNT apples – Get Creative Juice

15. How to make TMNT sugar cookies –

16. TMNT brownies – Party City

17. Pizza cake pops – Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

18. TMNT cookies – Sweet C’s Bake Shop

19. Ninja Turtle chips and guacamole – Get Creative Juice

20. Slime filled cupcakes – Baking Bites

21. Green candied popcorn – Find Your Happiness

22. Turtle shell Rice Krispies treats – Party City

23. TMNT dipped donut hole pops – Party City

24. Crescent roll deep dish pizza “cupcakes” – Plain Chicken

25. Carved watermelon – source unknown

26. How to make a pizza birthday cake – Parenting

27. TMNT cookies – Wilton

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