It’s so interesting to see what ideas different cake decorators come up with when they’re all working with the same theme – especially when it’s a theme as colorful and fun as Sesame Street! After scouring the web for inspiration, here are my very favorite Sesame Street cakes and cupcakes.

I love this polka dotted Sesame Street cake! The artist did an amazing job on the characters’ faces – check out how Big Bird and Elmo are an exact match of the book sitting to the right of the cake. (Via Cake Central.)

These sweet and simple frosted cupcakes by Chef Mommy are great inspiration for DIY decorating. The eyes and Elmo’s nose were made with fondant, and Cookie Monster is eating a mini Chips Ahoy cookie.

The little cityscape on this cake is so unique, plus Cookie Monster is just adorable – look at the pile of cookies in his lap! By Sugar Siren.

The faces on these cupcakes are so precious! Bonus points for showing Bert and Ernie some love. : ) By Cupcakes Nouveau.

Each and every little character on these cupcakes is bursting with its own personality. Beautiful work by Ee Ling of Cake & Me By Design!

How cute is the squiggle “fur” on these cupcakes! By Shelly’s Sweet Treats.

And last but certainly not least – a gorgeous little cake via le petit party. The detail work on the characters is absolutely stunning! How how long do you think it took to carve out all of Big Bird’s feathers?!