The Best Easter Peeps Recipes

I’m a bit of a Peeps nut. I think they’re so adorable! Bright colors… cute faces… what’s not to love?! (Living in the Washington area and enjoying the Peeps Show every year has helped cement my fan status, too. My mom still mails me newspaper cut-outs of the winning designs every year!) Whether you dig the bunnies or the chicks, here are my choices for the best Easter Peeps recipes!

1. Peeps s’mores via Ziplist

2. Peeps bunny pops via Love From The Oven

3. Peeps pudding cups via Raining Hot Coupons

4. Easter Peep-za (cookie crust, frosting, candy and Peeps… eeek!) via the Cooking Channel

5. Peeps stuffed Rice Krispie treats via Love From The Oven

6. Peeping Peeps in chocolate eggs via Miss Candiquik

7. Peek-a-boo Peeps cookies via In Katrina’s Kitchen

8. Cupcake push pop Peeps via Love From The Oven

9. Peeps brownie pops via Munchkin Munchies

10. Super easy Peeps on a stick via Your Homebased Mom

11. Chocolate dipped, candy-coated Peeps via Your Home Based Mom

12. Bird’s nest cake – a great way to pretty up a store-bought cake – via My Recipes

13. Chocolate Peeps bird nest cookies (made with coconut, yum!) via Five Heart Home

14. Chocolate covered Peeps pretzel sticks via Love From The Oven

15. Peeps hot chocolate via the 3volution of j3nn

16. Chocolate cream Peeps pie with a graham cracker crust via Babble

17. Peeps bird nests (sitting on a nest of candy-coated pretzels!) via Taste of Home

18. Ring a cake with Peeps bunnies – via Made From Pinterest

19. Peeps peek-a-boo cupcakes via In Katrina’s Kitchen

20. Peeps bunny Rice Krispie treats on a stick via Food Family & Finds

21. Easy Peeps cookies (made with sugar cookies) via Love From The Oven

22. Marshmallow Peeps in Rice Krispie treat nests via Babble

23. Over-the-top Peeps s’mores shakes via Delish

24. Homemade chocolate Peep pudding via Babble

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