75 awesome party favors for $5 or less! Tons of unique ideas for kids' party favors!

Party favors don’t have to be homemade in order to be awesome. There are a ton of fantastic store-bought party favors out there if you look hard enough… which I did! I searched all over the internet to find the coolest, most unique and best party favors for kids, all for $5 or less. Some are even handcrafted – just not by you. ; ) Look for an asterisk (*) to indicate the items that are handmade and for sale on Etsy.

So here they are, my list of 75 awesome and inexpensive party favors for kids!

1. “Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids” books

2. Mini gumball machine (it’s also a bank!)

3. 8-packs of crayons with coloring books

4. Prepaid iTunes gift cards

5. Metallic rainbow slime

6. Cookie cutters and a mini rolling pin (to make real cookies or to play with Play-Doh)

7. Plastic puzzle balls

8. Word search activity books with personalized pencils

9. * Handcrafted wooden puzzles

10. 5″ color-a-pal stuffed animals and markers

11. Mini jigsaw puzzles

12. Magic color scratch bookmarks

13. Baskin Robbins gift cards ($2 and up)

14. * Sidewalk chalk paint and paintbrush

15. Popcorn container with mini bags of popcorn

16. * Personalized crayon letters

17. Print-at-home Amazon gift cards to buy song downloads

18. Fuzzy velvet posters with Crayola markers

19. * Handcrafted wooden toy cars

20. Hershey bars with personalized wrappers

21. Mini paint set

22. Water rockets

23. Silly face flowerpots (to make at the party), plus seeds and a watering can to take home

24. Mini kites

25. Silly note pads

26. Ninja rubber duckys (why not?)

27. Pick up sticks set

28. Make your own bouncy ball kit

29. Jacob’s ladder toy

30. Nose pencil sharpeners

31. Canvas tote bag that kids can decorate and later take home

32. French fry flavored lip balm

33. Teddy bears

34. Magical bonsai tree kit

35. Scented bookmarks

36. Rainbow mustaches

37. Dominoes set

38. Light-up pig keychains

39. Jump ropes

40. * Handcrafted finger puppets

41. * Crayon holders

42. Stuffed animals

43. Hacky sacks

44. Play-Doh

45. Star shaped sunglasses

46. Beach balls

47. Bubble mix with special wands and trays

48. Smilie face mugs (made of kid-friendly plastic) with hot chocolate packets

49. Fuzzy anti-skid socks

50. Decks of cards

51. “Summer Book” filled with puzzles, games and more – Girls’ Version, Boys’ Version

52. Star headphones

53. Watches

54. Silly silicone banana bags

55. Wallets with a $1 bill inside – sports balls wallets, glitter wallets

56. Light-up battle swords

57. Hamburger yo-yo’s

58. Ice cream cone erasers

59. Light-up LED star wands

60. Magic loops wire art toysy

61. Squishy jiggle germs – a silly gross-out toy

62. Barrel of monkeys keychain games

63. Small Newton’s cradle toys

64. Friendship bracelet craft kits

65. Bling compact mirrors

66. A mini emory board with an ice cream scented nail polish and American Girl nail decals

67. * Hair ties

68. Locking princess diary and pen set

69. Cupcake lip gloss

70. Mini ceramic tea sets

71. Bling purse keychains

72. Neon hair extensions

73. Animal print notebooks with feather pens

74. Sequined 4×6 photo frame

75. Cupcake necklaces and bracelets

For more party favor ideas, click here. And be sure to check out the Chickabug Shop for instant download printables, personalized birthday party stickers, and much more!