30 adorable Thanksgiving desserts. These are seriously SO CUTE and easy to make, too!

Looking for cute, fun, and easy Thanksgiving desserts? I have 30 fabulous Thanksgiving dessert recipes to share with you today! From turkeys to corn, from pilgrim hats to pumpkin pie, there’s sure to be something here that fits the bill (especially if you happen to love Reese’s Pieces and Nutter Butters as much as I do). Enjoy!

1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup turkeys by Inside Bru Crew Life

2. Turkey Rice Krispies treats by Shugary Sweets

3. Reese’s Pieces turkey cupcakes by Your Cup of Cake

4. Double decker turkey cupcakes by Recipe.com

5. Nutter Butter turkey cookies by Frugal Coupon Living

6. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup turkey cookies by Bake at 350

7. Chocolate dipped Rice Krispies treat turkey pops by Hungry Happenings

8. Fruity feather turkey cookies (made with Nutter Butters and Fruit Roll-Ups) by Betty Crocker

9. Chocolate and peanut butter acorns (made with mini Nutter Butters) by Six in the Suburbs

10. Pilgrim hat cookies (made with mini Reese’s Cups and fudge-striped cookies) by Taste of Home

11. Donut hole acorns with sprinkle tops by Taste & See

12. Pumpkin pie slice sugar cookies by The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle

13. Chocolate pilgrim hats by Hungry Happenings

14. Indian corn cookie pops (the corn kernels are Skittles!) by Amy Atlas

15. Pilgrim shirt and hat cookies by Semi Sweet Mike

16. Nutter Butter acorns by Sweet Simple Stuff

17. Turkey cookie in a jar (you build your own turkey by putting together the cookies) by Munchkin Munchies

18. Turkey dinner cupcakes, complete with tiny garnishes! by Taste of Home

19. Oreo pretzel turkeys by The Krazy Coupon Lady

20. Turkey pretzel sticks by Miss CandyQuik

21. Turkey dinner sugar cookies (oh my gosh, there are TINY MASHED POTATOES) by Party Pinching

22. Turkey cake pops by Miss CandiQuik

23. Handprint turkey cookies by Somewhat Simple

24. Pumpkin pie cake pops by The Partiologist

25. Harvest corn Nutter Butter cookie pops by Miss CandiQuik

26. Chocolate-dipped marshmallow turkey cake by The Decorated Cookie for Tablespoon

27. Chocolate turkey truffles by Hungry Happenings

28. Thanksgiving turkey cupcakes by Jeanne Benedict

29. Chocolate chip cookie handprint cookies by Very Best Baking by Nestle

30. Thanksgiving cornucopia cones with mini frosted sugar cookies by The Decorated Cookie

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