30 Cutest Halloween Cupcakes! Adorable ideas for Halloween cupcake decorating!

Halloween is such an awesome holiday! Dressing up in costumes and pigging out on sweets – that should be on the agenda every day. ; ) Though I’d never turn down chocolate and Halloween candy, my most favorite dessert is a cupcake, so I rounded up 30 of the most original, silliest, spookiest and cutest Halloween cupcakes the Internet has to offer. From mummies to ghosts, bats to witches, and even a few with fake blood (!), here are the 30 best Halloween cupcake recipes that are sure to be a huge hit at your Halloween party!

1. Oreo bat cupcakes by Today’s Parent

2. Red devil cupcakes by Ambrosia Baking

3. Monster marshmallow cupcakes by Smart School House

4. Frankenstein cupcakes by Your Cup of Cake

5. Ghost cupcakes by Once Upon A Chef

6. Spider cupcakes by Damn Delicious

7. Candy corn cupcakes by The Curvy Carrot

8.Spiderweb cupcakes by Country Living

9. Witch’s cauldron cupcakes by Life Made Simple

10. Black cat cupcakes by Recipe.com

11. Pumpkin patch cupcakes by BHG

12. Monster claw cupcakes by Bakingdom

13. Skeleton cupcakes by My Recipes

14. All-natural zombie brain cupcakes by Bren Did

15. Broken glass cupcakes by Story of a Kitchen

16. Knife cupcakes by Homemaking Hacks

17. Mummy cupcakes by Sugar and Charm

18. Jack Skellington cupcakes by Disney Family

19. Pumpkin cupcakes by Midwest Living

20. Pumpkin cupcakes with witch hat toppers by Whisk Kid

21. Eyeball cupcakes by Babble

22. Skeleton cupcakes by Woman’s Day

23. Vampire bite cupcakes by The Stir

24. Ghost and tree cupcakes by Inspired by Charm

25. Wicked witch cupcakes by Your Home Based Mom

26. Owl cupcakes by Family Circle

27. Bat cupcakes by Big Bear’s Wife

28. Scarecrow cupcakes by Babble, reposted at Eclectic Recipes

29. Gravestone cupcakes by 6 Bittersweets & Chickabug

30. Jack o’ lantern cupcakes by Betty Crocker


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  1. 1
    Tuesday, January 17th, 2017 at 5:35 pm
    Minerva Nadler says:
    Even though they are late for 2016, they are early enough for 2017. It gives us plenty of time to practice and give our customers new designs. We have quite a variety of decorated cookies and we have customers that are always looking to see what is new. Our best customers for this type of business are the grandchildren of grand parents and sons and daughters of Mom and Dad! I do not know if your email will allow me to print the entire list of the your Halloween cookies, but I am going to try and file it away until we are ready for them. Thank you. You are very much appreciated.
  2. 2
    Tuesday, September 17th, 2019 at 2:01 am
    Alexander Jacques Sabucido says:
    This Halloween cupcake ideas are actually cute and it would really add more spooky vibe for you holiday.