Personalized iron-on shirt designs for birthdays, holidays, sports teams, and more! At :)

I’m SUPER excited because I have some really big news. There’s a brand new product line in my shop – iron-on shirt designsThese are “real,” printed-and-mailed iron-ons that you can use to make personalized shirts for birthdays, sports teams, and holidays. I’ve already designed LOTS of iron-ons and there are so many more to come!

Each design comes in your choice of two sizes – onesie size or child’s shirt size. They’re printed on a top-of-the-line iron-on material (nicer than what you can find in a craft store) and the colors are so vivid and bright. It only takes minutes to make your custom shirt, and I’ve written step-by-step instructions to include with each order so you’ll know exactly what to do. Trust me… if I can successfully use an iron-on to make a shirt, you can too!!

Check out all of my iron-on designs here in the shop!