The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Art print by

Isn’t this so true? I know it is for me. I’ve been working as a designer for 14 years, four of which I’ve worked for myself, and all I can say is, hear hear! I’ve never found work to be as enjoyable or felt as competent doing it as when I really had my heart in it, as I do now. Instead of it just being a job, I feel grateful that my work exists and that I’m able to do it. And certainly, Chickabug would not exist today if I weren’t really in it for the long haul, with my whole heart and soul. It’s a lucky place to be (one that I feel thankful to you for, because without you, my job simply wouldn’t exist!).

I think the idea of loving your work applies outside of paid work, too, though. I’m one heck of a dog walker because I love walking the dog. I can paint walls like a champ because I love painting walls (so weird, right?!). But then, I’m not great at washing dishes, keeping my car clean, painting my nails, or who-knows-how-many other tasks, because for whatever innate reason, I just don’t love doing those things. And maybe that’s ok. Maybe you really do just need to follow your heart (and grin and bear it through the crappy things, without judging yourself for not enjoying them – I’m looking at you, dishes). It’s all really good food for thought thanks to this print by Mr. Pickwick’s on Etsy.

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