Fancy flirty fondue party with FREE printables

This is a first, on my kid-friendly blog: This post is for adults only! How about that?! It’s a little something just for you ladies, so you can throw a party for yourself for a change. ; ) Invite your friends over for a “Fancy Flirty Fondue Party”!

My friend Shelley from HowDoesShe came up with this awesome idea for a pre-Valentine’s Day girls’ night out. She says, “My friends and I decided it was definitely time to make up an excuse to buy some pretty lingerie. It had been a LONG time since we’d treated ourselves! So this past Valentine’s Day, we held our first ‘Fancy Flirty Fondue Party.’ Everyone went and purchased new lingerie ($20-$40), with a gift receipt, and brought it wrapped to the party. Then, we all drew numbers to see what order we should choose and open our gifts.”

For the party food, fondue and some super-fun sugar cookies were just the thing. And of course I had to make some fun free printables, too!

Fancy flirty fondue party with FREE printables

Each party guest brought a fondue-worthy treat, like fruit, bread, pretzels, brownies, etc. As the hostess, Shelley made three kinds of fondue to share: “Silky Smooth” Chocolate Fondue, “Creamy ‘n Dreamy” Caramel Fondue, and “Hot ‘n Heavy” Cheese Fondue. Those little decorations on the free printable food labels? Yep! Tiny bras! And they match the…

Fancy flirty fondue party with FREE printables

Lingerie sugar cookies!! I just adore these. Shelley calls them “G, PG, and PG-13 cookies.” There’s the sweet heart (rated G), the frilly bra (rated PG), and the racy thong (rated PG-13). Naturally the thong cracks me up the most, it is SO funny! ; )

Fancy flirty fondue party with FREE printables
Fancy flirty fondue party with FREE printables

Just make some extra lingerie cookies and bag ’em up, and they make perfect party favors, too.

Fancy flirty fondue party with FREE printables

Shelley and all of her guests had a fabulous time! : ) Want to throw your own girls-only lingerie party? You’ll want to snag these free printables:

Fancy flirty fondue party with FREE printables

The printables include all of the food labels you saw above, plus a page of little hearts that are numbered 1-18. You use these to choose what order you and your guests choose and open the wrapped lingerie you each brought to the party. So much fun!!

How to download

These printables were designed by Heather from Chickabug (that’s me!) exclusively for HowDoesShe newsletter subscribers. To get the printables:

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{STEP TWO} Check your email for a welcome message from HowDoesShe. The email will include a password and a link. Click on the link and enter the password.

{STEP THREE} Download the printables and enjoy!

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