Pumpkin Rice Krispie treats for Halloween

It’s the day before Halloween! Time for a last-minute recipe and a huge sigh of relief, because Hurricane Sandy passed through my area all day yesterday and overnight, and everything is okay today. I have power! Stores are open for business! The mailman will be coming, so my shop orders can go out as usual! (Seriously, I’m feeling love for the post office today. UPS and FedEx shut down yesterday, but the US mail just kept on truckin’. Gold star!)

Anyhoo, I’m feeling very fortunate… but also a little shellshocked, too. It’s pretty darn tiring to be freaked out all day and all night. So no more scares for Halloween this year! I want a happy, friendly, nothing-but-cute Halloween now! These jack o’ latern Rice Krispie treats are just what I need today. Comfort food that’s smiling at you. That’s the stuff.

Visit Food Family & Finds for the recipe and how-to for these pumpkin Rice Krispie treats!

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