You know you’ve found some seriously adorable piñatas when they make you laugh, then forward the site on to a couple of friends, and then laugh some more! That’s the magic of Whack! Piñateria, where shop owner Aracely creates all of her piñatas from scratch. Instead of standard shapes she creates whimsical and unique designs like kokeshi dolls, hot air balloons, and even Audrey Hepburn. One feature I like is that you can order your piñata with a pull string bottom so that it can be re-used rather than broken. Because seriously, who could destroy a smiling hamburger and fries?!

Here are a few of my faves from Whack:

Handmade piñatas by Whack! Piñateria -

CowboyBurger & FriesGreen Eggs & HamOctopus

Handmade piñatas by Whack! Piñateria -

MonsterFrench PoodleStrawberryMilk & Cookies

Handmade piñatas by Whack! Piñateria -

Rainbow UnicornS’moreSpace AlienClown

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