Everyone who’s ever planned a baby shower has run into the same dilemma: what to do for the games? It can be tricky to come up with something fun and original that will occupy guests for more than a few moments. That’s why this baby shower “onesie station” activity immediately caught my eye. It’s creative, sentimental, and even encourages guests to mingle. The idea – courtesy of Kim of Senn & Sons – is simple. Read on!

Baby shower activity idea - a onesie station!

Kim and her co-hostesses recently threw a Southern-themed baby shower for a dear friend. Kim says, “It was a co-ed shower, so we didn’t play any of the usual baby shower games, but the hosts did want to leave our dear mama-to-be with some memories of the party and a few useful items as well. After coming across this blog post, we knew creating cute onesies for sweet baby Ruby would be the perfect activity.”

Baby shower activity idea - a onesie station!

“I was in charge of the ‘onesie station,’ so I cut out some standard shapes, drew out a few design ideas and had handful of larger scrap pieces available for folks to create their own unique designs. After finding some washable fabric glue and picking up some rick rack (that wavy, ribbon-y trim) and buttons to use while decorating the onesies, the ladies at the shower got creative.”

Baby shower activity idea - a onesie station! Baby shower activity idea - a onesie station!

“The finished onesies turned out to be completely adorable and every one was unique! We even had a few different sizes so baby Ruby will be fashionably outfitted until she’s at least a year old.”

Baby shower activity idea - a onesie station!

Just think, each time baby Ruby wears one of her specially-made onesies, she’ll be making one of her many new “aunties” proud. So sweet!

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Posted with permission from Kim of Senn & Sons. Photos courtesy of Jennifer Paschal Gottlieb of Bruce Forrester Photography.