This is my favorite kind of announcement: there’s a new theme in my shop! A mermaid theme! I’ve been working on this one for some time because I wanted to get it just right, with pink and blue, a magical mermaid, cute seashells, a bunch of what I like to call “sea sparkles,” and – the best part – customizable mermaids!

Mermaid party theme from Chickabug - you can choose your own mermaid to match your daughter!

A little backstory on the artwork: outrageously long, flowing hair aside, I really wanted to draw a mermaid that looks more like a little girl than a grown-up. Then, the birthday girl could really see herself as the mermaid, you know? (Instead of calling it “overthinking” I prefer to think of myself as “detail-oriented,” ha!) It was harder than I thought it would be to draw a tasteful seashell bikini top, but I think the finished product is very girlie and sweet! : )

To make the mermaid even more special, you can choose from a whole variety of hair colors and skin tones. Perhaps you might like the “Ariel” lookalike with red hair, or you can choose a mermaid that looks like your daughter. It’s totally up to you! And just look how cute the options are:

{Not pictured: An hour spent daydreaming about island vacations while picking out names for the mermaids.}

A full line of paper goods (such as invitations, stickers, and water labels) and loads of printables (including printable banners, cupcake sets, and lots more) are available in the brand spankin’ new mermaid theme. Check everything out here!

Mermaid theme party paper goods & printables from Chickabug

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