The crisp white and red color scheme, super creative DIY touches, and fresh theme ideas make this bowling party dessert table by Victoria of vixenMade a real winner! Victoria threw this party for her husband Brad, who – needless to say – is an avid bowler.

I love this – check out the wood “bowling lane” backdrop! So simple and perfect, and so very, very clever.

White ice cream-based punch was served in individual bottles, which was apparently a challenge to pull off (thick punch + little bottles = mess), but the result was worth it! Served with paper straws for that retro touch, the ice cream punch was a big hit.

Why bother tracking down real bowling pins when this quick DIY version is so cool? Victoria made these “pins” by spray painting glass bottles white, then adding stripes with red electrical tape. They served as the centerpiece on the dessert table.

Two little stripes of red frosting later and chocolate-dipped pretzels become bowling pins!

Victoria says, “the jars in the center were filled with yogurt covered raisins, sour cream soda bottles (we decided they kinda looked like bowling pins) and shelled peanuts.”

The curved dish is full of white and red-speckled gumballs, which Victoria individually picked out from a multicolored bin of gumballs. (Now that’s love!)

At first glance it looks like these bowling pin stripes might be part of the cups, but actually, these are clear cups filled with white and red layered Jello!

Instead of cake, Victoria’s husband Brad requested mini donuts. These are homemade!

Another request: chocolate-covered Oreos. Three little icing dots later, and they’re bowling balls – how fun is that!

For even more from Brad’s bowling party (including a nacho bar, a drink station, and more dessert table close-ups), visit Victoria’s blog, vixenMade. You can also check out the vixenMade Etsy shop here.

Re-posted with permission from Victoria of vixenMade. Thank you so much, Victoria!

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