One of the questions that I hear a lot is when customers ask for ideas for parties that don’t have a theme, just a color scheme. (Woah, no theme? I know. But it happens a lot, actually!) ; ) So without a theme like “Under the Sea” or sock monkeys, what do you do? My best advice is to pick not only a color scheme but also a pattern to work with. A pattern will give you more to go on when you’re brainstorming ideas and shopping for decor, and it’ll give the party that little extra something that it needs.

With that in mind, I’ve been working hard lately to add more “design it yourself” options to my shop. (That’s what I call my special line of designs where you choose the colors, font, and text.) There are a whole bunch of new patterns that I wanted to let you know about, like chevron, argyle, quatrefoil and stars. Exciting!!

Shown above: quatrefoil, stripes, chevron, and argyle • not pictured: polka dots, toile, and stars

Here are the font and color options:

And of course, not only can you choose the font and colors you like, but all of these labels can be customized for any event. Birthdays, baby showers, weddings, wedding showers, graduations, bachelorette parties, baptisms, first communions, sip ‘n’ sees… I’ve even done labels for sports teams, church events, and class reunions. Seriously, anything goes!

Pop over to my shop to check out all of the “design it yourself” water labels. And, here’s where you can check out all of the “design it yourself” options, including printable cupcake wrappers & toppers, printable circles, printable banners and lots more. No matter what your theme (or lack thereof) there’s something here for everybody! : )