It’s always nice to add a little WOW factor in your party decor, and here’s a DIY idea that’s has a lot of impact: large zinc numbers! This idea is courtesy of Mary Beth at Annapolis and Company, who made these numbers for her son Keller’s book-themed first birthday. Aren’t they good-lookin’? They’re inspired by Anthropologie.

Besides being super-chic, they’re also versatile – you can use them as party decor or as a prop for your invitation photoshoot. (That’s cutie-pie Keller in the photo below.) : )

To make the numbers, you start with el cheapo paper mache numbers from a craft store (such as JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby):

Then, you layer black, rust, and metallic silver paint (in a particular order) to achieve the desired effect.

So cool. You’d never know this started out as a plain kraft paper number! For a detailed shopping list and a step-by-step photo tutorial on how to apply the paint, visit Annapolis and Company.

Re-posted with permission from Mary Beth at Annapolis and Company. Thank you so much, Mary Beth!