I came across such a fun shop on Etsy this past week – I just have to share it with everyone! Jamie of Sugar Lane Bake Shop makes the most unique (and often funny!) cookies for Valentine’s Day. I loved her cookies so much I immediately wrote and told her so. I couldn’t even resist. Just look how special they are…

These are the cookies that first caught my eye: lobsters are forever. So cute! I have a major thing for lobsters, so these are right up my alley. : )

The really fun thing about Jamie’s cookies is that there’s probably an inside joke or special meaning here for everyone (like these Snoopy cookies, which are perfect for my best friend)!

“Happiness is a warm puppy” Snoopy cookiesLove bugs sugar cookies

Sexy legs cookies – ooh la la!

I love that so many of Jamie’s cookie sets feature written messages, so you can send her cookies like you’d send a card.

“I love ewe” sheep“I honestly love you, valentine” Abe Lincoln cookies (HA!!)

“I choo-choo-choose you valentine” train cookies

There are lots more where these came from at Sugar Lane Bake Shop!