I’m trying my hand at a little DIY project today! And it is, quite literally, little – these are miniature gingerbread houses that you can make in no time flat. Little houses, little project. Here we go! : )

The inspiration behind this project are Amy Atlas and Wrigley, who issued a challenge to crafty peeps (like me, yay!) to see what entertaining and celebrating ideas they can come up with using Wrigley gum and candy.

Well, thanks to the holidays, when I thought about sticks of gum, I immediately pictured how cute the gum would be as a shingled roof on a gingerbread house! But being a “paper person,” I decided to make my houses out of paper instead of gingerbread, and to offer the printable template as a freebie. I also decided to use the gum wrappers to pretty up the house rather than bringing in extra supplies (very MacGyver, don’t you think? And the wrappers are shiny, after all). So, once you have a couple of kinds of candy and the template, you’re set to go. Here’s what you need to make the houses the same way I did:

• One sheet of regular printing paper
• Two sheets of very heavy cardstock or light cardboard
• One pack of 5® Vortex™… a juicy green apple gum (save the wrappers!)
• One pack of Big Red® gum
• Approximately two packs of Skittles® Blenders™ (pick out the red and green candies)
• One roll of Life Savers® (I used Spear-O-Mint®)
• Scissors
• Glue stick
• Glue gun

To make the houses, print the template onto regular printing paper and cut out each shape. Trace the shapes onto your very heavy cardstock or cardboard. Cut out each shape, then score and fold at the appropriate places.

Use a glue stick and the wrappers from the Vortex gum to “wallpaper” the sides and back of the gingerbread house, leaving the tabs uncovered. Cut the excess off from the edges as shown.

Cut pieces Big Red and Vortex gum into thirds and hot-glue them onto the roof in a shingle pattern.

Decorate the front of the gingerbread houses as shown, if you’d like, or come up with your own pattern! Just don’t hot glue a Skittle to your thumb; I really wouldn’t recommend it. ; ) (Which, by the way, if you’re making these with your kids, one of my facebook friends suggested having the kids wear cotton gloves to protect their hands. A good idea!)

To finish the houses, hot glue the bottom half of the house together, attaching the tabs to the inside walls. Apply a thin layer of glue along the top edges of the base and set the roof in place. And you’re done!

Disclosure: To create this project I received free products courtesy of Wrigley, but it did not influence any opinions expressed in this post. Especially since I was already horrifically addicted to their gum long before I started blogging. ; )




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