I’m excited to share this tutorial with you today! It’s courtesy of Krista of Fawn Kreations. Krista created these bird’s nest serving platters to display cupcakes at her sister-in-law’s bird-themed bridal shower, but I think they would be equally pretty for a woodland themed table, a springtime birthday, or – with a little black paint and maybe some glitter – a Halloween party!

Here are the supplies you’ll need to make your platter:

• Plain white serving platter or plate (any size)
• Unfinished wood candlestick
• Unfinished wood plaque (to serve as a base for the platter)
• Branches, either from the great outdoors or a craft supply store
• Moss
• Patterned tissue paper – or stamp plain white tissue paper with a design of your choice
• Mod Podge Matte
• Paint
• Paint brush or sponge applicator
• Hot glue gun and glue sticks
• Scissors


Begin by painting the wood plaque and the candlestick the color of your choice. Allow both pieces to dry.

Cut the patterned or stamped tissue paper to fit the top of the platter and the top of the wood plaque. Brush a coat of Mod Podge onto both surfaces and attach the paper. Add a coat of Mod Podge on top of the paper to seal it.

Next, glue the top of the candlestick to the bottom of your platter, as shown:

Begin gluing branches to the underside of your platter. Note that you will want the branches to extend about 1″ past the platter edge.

Start building the “nest” by gluing more branches onto the tips of the branches that extend beyond the edges of the platter. Glue sticks on top of each other to create a layered look.

After the branches have dried, cut the moss into “pizza slice” shapes and glue them to the underside of the platter. (This part is messy so make sure you do it in a place that is easy to clean up!)

Once you’ve attached all of the branches, take extra bits of moss and use them to cover any areas where glue is showing.

Finally, glue the bottom of the candlestick to the center of the plaque that you’re using for a base. (Refer to the first image in the post if you need a visual for this one.) : )

Ta-da! Now your platter is all finished and ready for use:

Thank you so much to Krista at Fawn Kreations for sharing her fabulous idea!

PS. You can also get in touch with Krista to order a completed platter, if you’d like – she takes custom orders!