It’s a very lucky little girl indeed who has a professional baker for a mom! Crafty mama Tiffany put together this Pinkalicious tea party for her daughter, Jaylynne, and left no detail un-pinkified – including a most unusual lemonade, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla layer cake (the birthday girl’s request). : )

Tiffany says, “We collected pink candy beginning at Valentine’s Day any time we found something pink on sale. We had pink caramel Hershey’s Kisses, strawberry milkshake Whoppers, rock candy, gumballs, and Sixlets. We also had cupcakes with pink icing wrapped and topped with your printables, strawberry wafer cookies, and homemade chocolate-dipped marshmallow pops. The serving pieces came from HomeGoods and Crate & Barrel, and the cupcake pedestals came from Farmhouse Wares.  I used your printables to accent each of the serving pieces to add lots of color.”

“I took down my drapes and replaced them with simple pieces of tulle draped over the window tops. We put 70 helium balloons on the ceiling because Jaylynne had seen a balloon-covered ceiling in a wedding photo and decided that was what she wanted for her party. The morning after her party, we woke up to a floor of balloons, and she fun with them again.”

Tiffany is a professional baker, and she created a gorgeous cake based on Jaylynne’s specifications: “The giant cupcake tier of the cake is pink lemonade flavor, and the other two tiers are Neapolitan (three layers in each tier, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla). This flavor combination was Jaylynne’s special request, and I wasn’t too sure about it, but it was actually a hit.”

“I made the ribbon topiary using a pink bucket I found at Hobby Lobby. I put a round piece of Styrofoam in the bottom and used a dowel rod to hold a large Styrofoam ball. I attached strips of ribbon to the ball with pins. I then wrapped the dowel rod in pink ribbon and used tissue paper to cover the Styrofoam in the bottom of the bucket.”

“I ordered a set of Pinkalicious books from Amazon right after Christmas, and they arrived in a box with a picture of Pinkalicious on the inside.  I added a picture of Jaylynne on the other side of the box and displayed it on the dessert hutch.”

“Jaylynne had said a few weeks before her party, ‘Mommy, I think I will call my birthday party a Pinkalicious Tea Day.’ So, the girls drank from tea cups, and we served sweet tea as well as pink lemonade. The only ‘real food’ Jaylynne wanted for her party was pizza (which was fine by me – super easy!), and she requested chocolate-covered strawberries. We also served ice cream, which had I scooped into individual servings in clear plastic cups and then kept in the freezer until it was time to cut the cake.”

“The girls had a great time playing dress-up, and they also played ‘Put the cupcake in Pinkalicious’ mouth.’ I hung a giant Pinkalicious coloring sheet on the door.  Jaylynne colored the picture in pink, the girls were blindfolded and given a cupcake (actually a printable cupcake topper) to stick on Pinkalicious. It was very hard for them not to cheat!  The one whose cupcake was the closest to Pinkalicious’ mouth was the winner and got a Pinkalicious book as her prize.”

“The girls got to choose their own favors, which I displayed on a custom tower from The Cupcake Tower. The top tier holds white bottles of bubbles with little cupcake stickers on top and pink ribbon accents. The second tier is filled with homemade chocolate-covered Oreo pops and chocolate-covered strawberry marshmallow pops.  On the bottom tier there are push pop cupcakes and pink pinwheels that I made from pencils, scrapbook paper, and paper brads. Each guest also got a copy of Pinkalicious Tickled Pink, and ‘Readalicious’ bookmarks that I made.”

“Jaylynne was very into the party planning process and was excited about various ideas along the way. I got lots of “Mommy, that’s gorgeous” comments along the way, and I was happy it was something we could do together. We’re already working on collecting colorful items for Jaylynne’s 5th birthday next June!”

Cake: Tiffany Hamblin, Jaybug’s Sweet Shop, Corbin, KY
Photos: Lisa Royalty and Tiffany Hamblin
Pink cupcake theme printables: Chickabug