You read that right: My absolute favorite Etsy purchase. Ever. Hands down. Yep! And since I think it would be a wonderful holiday gift for someone you know, I just have to show it off!

The back story: I happened across the sweetest watercolor portrait of a chickadee on Etsy, clicked on it, and found an entire shop full of dear little animals. Bunnies, birds, a fox, a hedgehog, even an octopus – all equally beautiful. I instantly thought, “I want this artist to paint a portrait of my dog!”

That might be where I lose some people, because in some circles that might make me a bit of a crazy lady to want to commission a portrait of a pet. But, to me, it’s a totally awesome idea. ; ) And luck was on my side – the artist did indeed offer pet portraiture!

I emailed a photo, and within days, I got to see a photo of the finished piece. The moment I saw it I laughed and cried at the same time, I loved it so much. Waiting for it to be shipped was the hardest part (all the way from Italy, how fancy!), but really it arrived in no time!

There she is, my little Charlotte, the wonder-mutt and dog extraordinaire! Her portrait is everything I’d hoped for, and more.

Her face is utterly perfect! It really is her.

Here are some of the artist’s other pieces – she paints any and all animals by request and can even make a goldfish show its personality on paper!

So, if you’re looking for a pet portrait too, or if you know someone who’s a nut like me for whom this would be a great gift, please do consider this to be my highest recommendation. I truly cannot say enough about Dimdi – who, on top of being so talented, is also as sweet as can be. Check out her shop to see her available art, or to inquire about a custom portrait of your own!