And I do mean puppy party: Abby is a little brown chihuahua! For her first birthday, Abby’s owner went all-out with a pink and brown party that was over-the-top for both the human guests and the lucky dogs.

Party planner extraordinaire Ashley of Attention 2 Detail coordinated the event and – true to her name – made every detail perfect!


The doggie treat bar! Yes, everything here is dog-friendly. Pooch pretzels, bow-wow-nies, paw-reos, pupcorn, and so much more!


Leashes and collars are cleverly used as decorations, and custom buffet cards from my shop label each treat.


I love that so much of this glamorous party is the work of handmade sellers from Etsy! In addition to my buffet cards, Ashley also purchased party goodies from Pawty Time Treats, Shorty’s Gourmet Treats and Muddy Puppy’s – all on Etsy.


The human party guests had plenty of treats to choose from in their own separate dessert bar – including lots of chocolate. : )


Dogs had their own little drink area with fresh water and lots of ice. Rather than using a guestbook, party guests signed an oversized tennis ball to give Abby’s owner a special reminder of the day.

Check out the Attention 2 Detail blog for more on the doggie buffet, the people treat bar, and the pampered party guests. Thank you to Ashley for sharing all these pictures!