I’m just a LITTLE BIT EXCITED right now. Okay, I’m a LOT EXCITED! Waterproof water bottle labels are here!

I am SO excited to offer these, for a couple of reasons:

– First, I’ve had to tell at least a dozen people in the past that – sorry – I don’t carry water bottle labels. Now I do!

– Second, these bad boys aren’t merely water resistant – they are SERIOUSLY WATERPROOF. They’re laser printed on a quality vinyl waterproof label stock, and you can leave ’em underwater for days – that ink isn’t going anywhere.

– And lastly, check out the “birthday facts” label! Like everything else in my shop, it’s totally customizable and it can say anything you want. And I don’t brag very often, but I’m going to this time – it’s the best looking faux-facts label around! I looked at a lot of examples while I was researching these labels, and I saw a lot of icky-poo designs. But this guy? These are the exact same fonts the government itself uses, peeps! How cool is that?!

Water bottle labels are available NOW! : )

PS. The bottles I used for the photos are mini Deer Park bottles, but large bottles will fit, too (the little ones are just cuter). : ) The labels are 2″ tall, so measure your bottles before you order!