Here’s a little fun fact about me: I looooooove tofu! : ) Tofu gets a bad rap. It really does. It’s an amazingly versatile and – when done right – really yummy food! What else can you use to make both a delicious and nutritious fruit smoothie and an tasty faux-chicken nugget? It’s a miracle food, really, and it deserves more respect than it gets. And so, here is my little tribute to tofu, in all its white, blocky glory!

1. I have been eyeing this tofu pirate apron by pandawithcookie for ages! I just love the tofu illustration – I’d like to think I’m a tofu pirate, sneaking tofu into dishes you might not expect. Like, for example, in my favorite lasagna recipe that uses tofu in place of ricotta. I’ve served it to loads of people without them knowing it’s not really cheese in there! (YARRR!)

2. This is one seriously stylish stationery set by KennyPow! I love the design of this set – never mind the sheer adorableness factor of the tofu and soy milk illustrations (which really are so adorable it kinda hurts to look straight at them). : ) The set is sold as a PDF so you can print as many tofu and soy milk letter sheets and envelopes as you’d like!
3. Now this is the kind of exposure that tofu needs to get. Thank you, tshirtproject – tofu is your friend! I love that this shirt is being sold in children’s sizes, and I seriously hope to see it being worn by a cute little veggie kid someday – although in the meantime, I’d like to have one in my own size!

4. And finally, a button by Zippster that’s straight to the point. Such a cute little happy tofu, bursting with nutritional goodness!