Father’s Day is just around the corner, so you might be looking for a fun way to celebrate. Look no further than this adorable Father’s Day fishing party that was created by Michelle Paige! To honor the dads in her family, Michelle came up with a ton of fun puns, food ideas, and cute decor… all DIY, all budget-friendly, and all really special. (And P.S. – these are great ideas for a goldfish birthday party, too!) Enjoy!

Father's Day fishing theme party

The party table is bursting with puns! I love “It’s no fish tale – you’re the greatest!” and “We love you ‘reel’y much!”

Father's Day fishing theme party

M&M’s are “Fish Scales” and Goldfish crackers are “Fish Food.”

Fishing theme cupcakes

The “go fish” cupcakes were made with pretzel stick “rods,” licorice “fishing line” and a Goldfish graham cracker.

Father's Day fishing theme party Fish fruit platter made from blueberries and watermelon slices - cute!

Love this – a fish fruit platter made from blueberries and watermelon slices!

Jellyfish jello cups for a goldfish party

Jellyfish cups were made of blue jello, with Swedish Fish on the inside and on top.

Fishing pole treats - so cute for a goldfish party

The “fishing poles” were made using a Pirouette cookie, licorice, and a gummy worm. Michelle says, “These disappeared so fast!”

Goldfish theme party

The table was set with bobbers, plastic fish, blue cellophane, and DIY painted rocks that served as place cards (check out Michelle’s tutorial here).

Buckets of jelly worm "bait" for a goldfish party

A bucket of “bait” awaited each guest at the dinner table. The white buckets came from the dollar store.

Father's Day fishing party balloons

Michelle’s kids made the fish balloons – aren’t they cute?

Fishing party "bobbers" - cake bites on a stick

Chocolate cake pops dipped in candy melts and sprinkled with red sugar look just like “bobbers”!

Father's Day fishing theme party Father's Day fishing theme party - sweet idea for cards!

This is such a great idea – the Father’s Day cards are all in the shape of fish and were presented in a fishing basket as “fish ‘cods’ for Dad!”

Father's Day Party fishing gift bags

Even the Father’s Day gifts bore puns – “Without you, we’d be floundering!”, “Happy we ‘caught’ you, Dad!” and “You’re ‘fin’tastic!”

Fishing theme photo booth

And to top it all off, Michelle created a fishing theme photo booth, complete with fishing hats, poles, and netting.

Thank you so much for sharing your party with us, Michelle! : ) To see more of Michelle’s creative parties, click here. Or for more goldfish theme ideas, click here.