Here’s an Etsy store where you can feel really good about shopping! Denise, also known as Deeder the Beader, crafts Christmas ornaments and jewelry using fair trade Rwandan paper beads. So when you purchase one of her items, you’re not just supporting one handmade artisan, but several! Here are some of Denise’s pretty ornaments:

Christmas ornaments made using fair trade Rwandan paper beads -

I think it’s so interesting how the beads are made, and where they come from. Denise says, “These unique beads are handmade from paper by women in Rwanda. They use triangular shaped pieces of paper, roll them tightly, paint and seal them. Since each is handmade, they vary in size, color and shape, giving them a wonderful and different quality and feel.”

And with each purchase, “A portion of the purchase price of these Rwandan paper beaded items will go back to the women of Rwanda in the form of tools and supplies for their future beading needs.”

Jewelry made using fair trade Rwandan paper beads -

In addition to the ornaments, Denise also crafts jewelry sets using the Rwandan beads. I own a set very similar to the one pictured above – I was lucky enough to win it in a giveaway last summer (!) and I absolutely love it. The beads in the necklace are fairly large, so it’s a bit of a statement piece for me since I generally wear small jewelry. I get lots of compliments on my necklace whenever I wear it!

Jewelry made using fair trade Rwandan paper beads -

For more Rwandan paper bead jewelry and ornaments, check out Deeder the Beader on Etsy!


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    Friday, December 7th, 2012 at 3:32 pm
    deederthebeader says:
    Thanks so much for the awesome info about my shop and the handmade paper beads. I appreciate the love and support, and love knowing that the women in Rwanda will continue to benefit as well!