You know the baby shower game, “don’t say baby”? It’s the one where each guest gets a token such as a pin or a necklace, and if you catch someone saying “baby” they have to give you their token. Then, at the end of the shower, whoever has collected the most tokens wins. It’s a popular game for a reason – it’s simple, it’s silly, and it can last through the whole shower. Fun! Well, Mindy of a {day} with lil mama stuart came up with a really cute prop for the game: candy pacifier necklaces! They cost next to nothing, are easy to make, and are totally adorable. Check ’em out:

To make the candy necklaces, you only need a few materials, including Life Savers, jelly beans, and white decorating icing. It took Mindy 2 hours and $11 to make 30 candy necklaces for her baby shower, and the necklaces were a big hit! The best part is, since they’re wrapped in cellophane, they don’t get dirty even when they change hands a few times, so they double as a party favor after the game is over.

Are you sold on “don’t say baby”? : ) For full instructions and details on how to make the necklaces, check out the tutorial at a {day} with lil mama stuart!

Re-posted with permission from Mindy at a {day} with lil mama stuart. Thanks Mindy!