Desserts on a stick are THE thing right now at parties! First there were Bakerella’s cake pops (and the adorable new book to go with them), and then Pizzazzerie’s cupcake skewers came along – yes indeed, food on a stick is cute.

Here’s an option that I haven’t seen before that I think is just so sweet for fall – apple pie on a stick!

Too cute, right? The idea (and photo) are courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens, and the recipe and instructions can be found here. I’m thinking that this basic concept would apply to ALL different shapes and fillings, though – you could really go crazy with this! How about:

– Cherry pie filling in a heart shape
– Pecan pie filling in an acorn shape
– Chocolate pie filling in an ice cream cone shape
– Blueberry filling in a flower shape

You could even have a main course on a stick by baking pot pie or shepherd’s pie in a scalloped circle!


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